Fall assignment: Reigniting the flame…with vegetables

Remember these awesome turnips from Daily Harvest Farm? My faithful farmer has helped keep love alive for all things vegetal

Remember these awesome turnips from Daily Harvest Farm? My faithful farmer has helped keep love alive for all things vegetal

Hi readers, remember me?

I won’t bore you with the details of why I’m back or promise you that I’ll be back for good. But I have a personal assignment that I’d like to share with you.

I’d be lying if I said that having kids didn’t affect your cooking at all. Of course it does. There are lots of days that I make super kid-friendly suppers—pasta and meatballs, burgers, plain grilled chicken, and I have roasted potato wedges coming out my ears. Plenty of times I plan a main course that I know none of the kids will touch with a ten-foot pole— like homemade potpie. (Yes, they’re still too small to appreciate how lucky this makes them.) If the main dish is too off-putting for them, I always make sure there’s something friendly on the table, whether it be a totally plain green salad or a loaf of their favorite bread and some salty butter.

But there has been a casualty of this way of doing things. Before I had kids, I loved vegetables. Like, in a love-affair kind of way. Then, multiple pregnancies gave me vegetable aversions, and with so much kid-friendly cooking in between, special attention to veggies has fallen by the wayside. After all, if I’m making the main course something interesting, the vegetables have to be simple—the time crunch alone dictates it as such. And not surprisingly, I just don’t love vegetables like I used to. I still eat my share, sure, but I’m not giving myself multiple servings anymore. And like most mothers, who don’t care about things until it affects their kids, I didn’t really care until I realized that serving improvised, under-thought-out veggie dishes is doing them a disservice, too.

So I’m starting from scratch, and paying special attention to my veggies this fall. This means actually consulting recipes, rather than boiling and dousing in olive oil, a sort of default tactic of mine (I am of Italian descent, after all). I hope to post some good results here, and I hope you’ll check back in from time to time to see how the romance is progressing.

Oh, P.S. I did figure out a surefire way to get a 6-year-old boy to eat beets. “Hey kid, if you eat these, your pee will turn pink.”


2 thoughts on “Fall assignment: Reigniting the flame…with vegetables

  1. I just thought I’d mention here, re the great autumn veg-xperiment, I’m currently addicted to a ready-made saag aloo from my local supermarket (Tesco). Oh my god it’s good. I’ve sliced mozzarella into it to approximate saag paneer and while I’m sure this wouldn’t impress a purist, IT WAS GOOD. Tonight I had it over whole wheat pasta: again, it’s not remotely food-PC but wow did it hit the spot. I’ve always loved creamed garlic spinach over pasta, so I guess this is my current 10-minute quickie version.

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