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Photo by Marcus Nilsson for

Photo by Marcus Nilsson for

It is with sheepishness that I write a new post, now, after so long of not. Longtime readers will know my struggle to blog: I am a freelancer, with lots of little kids, so the more I get paid work, the more the blog gets neglected. I have considered retiring the blog, and I may still do that. But every once in a while I am still inspired to send out a little note, and I’m glad that it is still here for me to do that.

So, to the point: I really fricking love pasta with clams. I have written about it a bunch of times, like here and here, not to mention here—probably as many times as a person could write about it and still get away with it. And though I have dabbled with other ways to make it (all good, really), I have mostly stuck to one technique: Sautee garlic, then maybe some cherry tomatoes, add wine and clams, and simmer, covered, until they open up. Toss with pasta, usually linguine. Fresh parsley over the whole thing: heaven.

But like everything else in life, as soon as you get complacent, you lose the opportunity to improve. This dish was certainly good enough; but it started to bother me that the sauce was a little liquid-y, which is to say, not with the unctuous consistency to really coat all the noodles that you want in a harmonious pasta dish. Though I have long thought that wine added to pasta sauce does amazing savory things to it, I started to suspect that the wine was the culprit. So this year, for our New Year’s Eve linguine with clams (we spent the night at home, as a family), I left it out. And the result was just what I wanted.

My husband noticed how delicious the dish was too—he thought the clams were just extra-tasty that time. But I have replicated it a few times now, and it is definitely the way to go. If you never got around to trying my old favorite way of making the dish, well, now you can just skip to the new and improved version! Thanks for sticking with me… until next time.


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