Happy new year! (Get inspired!)

Pardon my silence since the year turned; I have been slammed with some new, fun work, which usually means neglecting this blog. But I have been struck by how inspiring, foodwise, 2014 has been already, and this coming from someone busy enough (the small kids, blah blah blah) to generally cycle through the same workhorse recipes or at least cooking techniques from week to week. Inspiration, for me, has come from a few places:

DownloadedFileThe January issue of Bon Appetit*. Now, you know me, I’m not obsessed with healthy food in the least, but there’s something about the recipes in this issue that had me drooling—call it a natural response to all the rich foods of the past few months. I already made this last night—granted, I think I would prefer a lentil salad version, where you simmer the lentils until cooked through, then rinse with cold water and dress with sesame oil, soy sauce, and chopped fresh scallions, but I am glad I studied that irresistible photo in the magazine to jump-start me into making lentils in a new way, not just my same-old, Italian-lentil-soup kind of way. In the coming days, I hope to also make this, this, and this.


This cookbook, which I got for Christmas. I am a big stir-fryer, and the frequency with which I do it has only increased since my kids have gotten jazzed about Chinese food (it happened very suddenly…my son went from a wrinkled-nose “Is this Chinese food?” to “Aw, why can’t we have Chinese food tonight?” literally overnight, and as per usual, his enthusiasm brought his sister along with him). Now that I have such avid Chinese food fans, I think it’s time for me to step up my game, maybe go a little more exotic, and vary my sauces a bit. I can’t imagine a better teacher than Grace Young.

Anyhow, my presence here might be a little spotty (you can always sign up for email updates, or like me on facebook or Twitter, hint hint, to stay on top of when I do post) but I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year, and say I wish you an inspiring 2014.

*Magazine nerds, I totally recommend picking up a Bon App in general even if you’ve written it off in the past. Under its new Ed-in-Chief Adam Rapoport, it has become exceedingly beautiful, entertaining, relevant, but most important, fun.


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