Rice: It’s what’s for breakfast

photo courtesy of epicurious.com, Gourmet, and photographer extraordinaire Romulo Yanes

photo courtesy of epicurious.com, Gourmet, and photographer extraordinaire Romulo Yanes*

Years ago, I walked into the Gourmet test kitchen at around 10 in the morning, right when I was needing a snack (I tend to be more a Ten-ses kind of person than an Elevenses). To my delight, the mighty Lillian Chou had just finished cooking up this outrageous rice pudding from one of my favorite kinds of rice, black forbidden rice. Even better, she told me, it had just 3 ingredients, one being coconut milk, and as if to punctuate how right-on it was tasting at 10 in the morning, she told me it wasn’t unusual in Southeast Asia to have this very dish for breakfast.

This recipe is definitely worth making, especially if you want an unexpected dessert. But, you can also use it as a springboard for breakfast inspiration, any time you have leftover brown or black rice in the house, or plain buttered barley or quinoa for that matter. Take your leftover rice and dump it in a little saucepan with enough milk to just coat the bottom of the pan, then heat and stir until warmed through. Garnish with some butter and brown sugar or maple syrup, just as you would oatmeal, and feel completely virtuous, cleaning out the fridge and starting your day with some yummy whole grains to boot.

*find Romulo’s website here.


6 thoughts on “Rice: It’s what’s for breakfast

  1. I brought a variation of this as a dessert to record nite last spring. I don’t think you guys made it that night? Normally I wouldn’t beg but I’m hoping you have something for us Saturday!

    • Your carrot bundt cake stole the show. Thank you soooo much for bringing it. I’ll post a pic to my Flickr soon. The dessert table pic is magazine worthy.

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