Blue cheese and bacon: You can’t go wrong

I reviewed this fabulous cookbook* years ago for a magazine. What a great idea for a book—the recipes are all from chefs we know and love, but it is real home-cooking, not those crazy chef-type recipes where you need a staff of six to put together one dish. One of my favorites is a Spanish-style spice-rubbed pork roast that requires virtually no labor from Peter Hoffman of Back 40 and Savoy in New York City—holy yum.

But I found myself thinking about it recently because one of its simplest recipes has become a regular in my lunch rotation: Blue cheese and bacon tartine. Tartine is basically a fancy French way of saying open-faced sandwich, and this one is broiled with blue cheese, then topped with crisp bacon and drizzled with honey (thank you Eric Warnstedt). Truth be told, I think I even prefer it without the bacon, which makes it a super-quick lunch—I can do without all that salt sometimes (but not always). And what a taste of luxury, and a nice gift you can give yourself at lunchtime when you’re working from home and generally needing a pick-me-up.

*Not to be mistaken for this book: 


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