This is why I’ll never make it as a food blogger…

…because we had an amazing dinner last night, and I didn’t stop to take a photo.

 It wasn’t that I forgot, dear reader, it was that it was ready to eat, and we were ready to eat it, and I simply didn’t have the willpower to say, “Stop, wait! I have to take a photo,” to my family as we attacked it. I consoled myself briefly with the notion, “Well, it wouldn’t make that nice a photo,” but then I, um, remembered the name of my blog, and realized I have no excuse. So in devotion to you, my readers, all three of you so far*, I can only vow to try harder next time.

It was one of those innovations born out of trying to use up the last of the CSA veggies before the next shipment arrives. I had a bunch of parsnips, which inspired me to make a roast chicken, because, hello, parsnips roasted in chicken fat is basically one of my reasons to be alive. But I also had a serious abundance of leeks, so I halved them and threw them right in there with the parsnips, as well as a few wedged potatoes. I sprinkled the chicken with salt, pepper, and herbs de provence, my family signature roast chicken herbs, and roasted it right on top of the veggies.

I knew the chicken would be good, and the parsnips and potatoes too—I’ve done that a thousand times. But the leeks! Those leeks were soft enough to be spread on crusty bread like butter, but rich and melt-in-the-mouth, infused with that irresistible chicken savoriness. I have lots of meat left over to take us into the workweek, but not a single leek remains—except in spirit.

*I am flattered to have you, by the way, as I haven’t actually publicized my blog yet—I hope to formally launch it this week. Thank you for joining me!


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