Posted in June 2012

When you’re feeling crabby

As a paranoid mother of tiny children, I have one vice that I save for after they’re tucked in their beds, and that’s the ultimate, delicious choking hazard, popcorn. As far as they’re concerned, popcorn is just one more mythical item that they only encounter in books, like talking toads that wear waistcoats, and I … Continue reading

salt fiend

Okay, so you just have to trust me on this, that it’s weird for my second-ever post to be about a product. I really intend to focus on home cooking (which this does apply to), but it would just be dishonest to not mention a new thing I have become obsessed with. I first had … Continue reading

Double team: Clams and broccoli rabe

My friends always seem curious about the kind of stuff I feed my family. Something about my background—I’m a Gourmet Magazine alum, trained as a chef, and I have two small kids—makes them seem to think I must have a magical formula for tasty dinners that come together quickly. And I do—but not really for … Continue reading